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"The Dean of Plastic Surgery"
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Dr. Harvey Zarem, M.D.
Savannah Plastic Surgery
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Welcome to the official web site for Harvey A. Zarem, M.D.
Harvey A. Zarem, M.D., is the foremost voice in modern plastic surgery.

Dr. Zarem has been changing people's lives for over 30 years with his gifted ability to perform the most outstanding plastic surgery using the latest technology.

Dr. Zarem is an expert in the field of plastic surgery for full body contouring and breast surgery.

He is recognized by his peers in the field of plastic surgery and has been given such titles as "Top Doctor in America", "Dean of Plastic Surgery", and "The Pioneer of Plastic Surgery".

Dr. Zarem has appeared on numerous TV and radio shows.

He has been interviewed for magazine and newspaper articles because of his expertise and vast knowledge of plastic and reconstructive surgery.

People from all over the world come to see Dr. Zarem because they want the best.

Dr. Zarem has the unique ability of making the results look natural and beautiful. It is no wonder that the top celebrities put their trust in Dr. Zarem's hands.


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